J.L. Wilkins & Ray Schneckloth

(Updated 4/13/14)

J.L. Wilkins and Ray Schneckloth have had a great time laughing with the crowd and playing the best all around country dance music in and around the Billings, Montana area. Both have been playing and singing in bands for many years and their love of good music and showmanship come through at every show.  They have a following that is very faithful and supportive.  J. L. Wilkins, a multi-talented young man on acoustic lead and rhythm guitar, fiddle, mandolin, and stand-up bass, and Ray Schneckloth on lead electric and acoustic guitars.  Ray and J.L. have been working together for three years now building a repertoire sure to attract many a dancer or those that just like to  listen to a variety of good music.

They have since produced a demo of 6 songs AND just recently a video of "Wagon Wheel" as a "business card" and have posted them on this website for you to enjoy....

Keep your eyes on this website for future announcements, more sound and video clips, photographs,  and current news.

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NEWS! (as of Apr 13, 2014)

Cedar Ridge is approaching its last engagement with the phenomenal J.L. Wilkins on May 3rd, 2014 at the VFW, 607 Anchor Street in the Billings Heights. 

JL has given us his all every time he played and play he did!   Fiddle, guitar, double bass, and mandolin.  I can still hear the ringing of the mando strings starting off "Streets Of Bakersfield".  We have seen him switch between instruments for just a moment and back to another.  He is such a versatile musician.

Now, JL moves on after his May 3rd graduation from MSU-Billings with a degree in Business with focus on Accounting to attend University of Wyoming in Laramie to finish up his education in Law.  Boy that's a mouthful. 

We have put together a Graduation / Farewell Party out at the VFW in the Heights for Saturday May 3rd from 7:00pm to 11:00pm with the help of Linda, the General Manager out there.  Yeah, yeah, we know that's a Saturday, but this is the only date that JL will be available to finish this run with Cedar Ridge.  The public is welcome and all of our friends are encouraged to attend!  It's JL's last gig with Cedar Ridge until further notice.

Yes, Cedar Ridge is HIRING. 

By the way, check out THIS link to see just how much fun the Edgar Bar really is...  Edgar Bar Photos these photographs were taken by Dave M. Shumway and as you will see, one of the finest photographers around.




By the way, anyone that has taken photographs of their group or us, we would be more than happy to share them right here. Please email them to Ray and we will be sure to put them on as soon as we can.  Send them right off of your digital camera.  We will be able to adjust size and if it seems a bit dark, send it anyway because we can lighten them up.  We are looking for a particular photo of J.L. playing mandolin and another of him playing fiddle with his guitar strapped to his back.  If you have any of those, please forward right away and we'll put them up on this website. 


NEW Engagements



Saturday, May 3, 2014
Graduation Party & Farewell to
7pm to 11pm
607 Anchor Street
Billings, MT 5910

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