(Updated 6/16/14)

Cedar Ridge is regrouping. 

For our friends, Steve, Mary, John, Donna, Terry, Patti, and so many others that stay with Cedar Ridge, there is definitely spring in the air and a big surprise.

Keep your eyes on this website for future announcements, more sound and video clips, photographs,  and current news.

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 Cedar Ridge at the VFW

(At the Grad / Farewell May 3rd, 2014)



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NEWS! (as of June 16, 2014)

Cedar Ridge is moving on and progressing slowly, but with a lot of excitement.  We can't explain or give details at this time because there needs to be some element of surprise when the time comes.  But, right now, Cedar Ridge is alive and well.

We have been working on files that need a small change in instrumentation or programming or song modification.  We are coming along nicely, but a whole lot of work ahead of us.  If it all comes together like we think it will, Cedar Ridge fans will be very pleased. 

By the way, check out THIS link to see just how much fun the Edgar Bar really is...  Edgar Bar Photos these photographs were taken by Dave M. Shumway and as you will see, one of the finest photographers around.


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NEW Engagements

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